Unified Communications

We install phone systems and also offer maintenance and support to new and existing systems which includes handsets, desktop and smartphone clients as well as mobile phone integration.

Microsoft Teams Telephony

We’re really excited about the potential Microsoft Teams has to change the business communications landscape forever. We’re also aware that many businesses have heard of it and used little bits of it but may not understand exactly what it has to offer. Most people and businesses are communicating across multiple devices and platforms; a desk phone, a video conferencing solution, a mobile phone, a PC, and / or a laptop. We also use lots of different apps spread across these different devices and many of them cross over each other in their functionality. Teams is a solution for calling, chatting, video conferencing and sharing documents and content from a central platform which is accessible across all of your devices. The other great thing about Teams is that it’s Microsoft, so it does everything in a format and style that we’ve grown up with. We have 20+ years experience providing both Microsoft and Telephony solutions to businesses, so we tick all of the boxes for a solid deployment. If you’d like to see how we use Teams for our business, we’d be happy to give you a demo.

Hosted Communications Platforms

When choosing a telephone system for your business, it is likely that a cloud platform will be the best solution for you, where you simply plug handsets into an internet connection and all the clever stuff happens on the cloud. We have a number of solutions available including Microsoft Teams, Gamma Horizon and NSN. The key objective for any deployment is to improve the service you currently receive, retain all of your existing numbers and switch it over without any downtime. This is what we’re great at. If you’d like some of our time to help explore the right platforms for your business, we’d love to help.

Smart and Soft Clients

Smart and soft clients are great tools to add your PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phone as an extension on the business telephone system. By downloading an app you can make and take calls from any device, any time anywhere whilst still presenting the correct numbers and giving the desired caller experience. We have a number of tools which can help you to do this effectively and with minimal additional cost. All of our solutions are quick and easy to set up, can be used across multiple devices and they’re reliable and scalable.

Unified Communications and Analytics Tools

Communications within your business can happen across a number of platforms; The Phone on your desk, the phone in your pocket, WhatsApp, texting, video calling and of course, good old emails. Unified Communication is about trying to make whatever channels you use to communicate through available across your desk phone, your computer, your smart phone, your tablet and maybe even your home computers. The critical starting point is to understand; what does my business need and what value can unified communications add to what we offer? We can help you to understand this and then pose the question “what can we do to make things easier and better for you and your clients?”


Business mobile is fairly straightforward and is largely dependent on your preferred network operator for signal in the areas you need it. We can offer business mobile SIM cards and also financed handset deals if you would like to have the benefit of everything on one invoice and support for everything from one company. We can also help you set up apps related to other services we provide such as Office 365, Cloud Telecoms and Teams.

Home Working Solutions

We’re Microsoft Teams experts and also have a number of cloud based platforms to help you work from the office and also from home. As well as the clever bits, we’ll also cover off the practicalities like making sure home users have the right cabling, power and bandwidth in place to allow seamless and effective communications. There are many options and tools available however a successful solution will be one that allows you to work how and where you want zero downtime or reconfiguration needed. This all requires thought, planning and effective implementation and we can lead this process for you.

What people are saying

Newburgh Networks working with C. Smart Agricultural Services Ltd

We have been working with Newburgh Networks for the past 9 years. Lee and his team have always been extremely responsive and quick to react to our issues, and have shown great commitment to our business. They have also been proactive and creative when reviewing our current practices and suggesting solutions to whatever challenges we are facing. They have grown alongside us and we see them as partners of our business.

Chris Payne MPhys FCA
Finance Director

5 Stars

Newburgh Networks working with Barry Coupe

Newburgh Networks have been dealing with my IT needs for a few years now and I am totally satisfied with the quality of the service. I always receive an immediate response to resolving any IT problems and they are the “go to” company when I need any software or hardware advice. 5-star business.

Barry Coupe


5 Stars

Newburgh Networks working with Cuckooland

We have been working with Newburgh Networks for the past 9 years. Lee and his team are courteous, reliable and supportive. They are full of ideas of how to make our IT systems more efficient and they are fast to put those ideas into practise. They have grown alongside us and we regard them as an extension of our business.

Nathalie Davis

5 Stars

Newburgh Networks working with Insight Leadership

Lee Bishop at Newburgh Networks has provided us with Tech support for the last decade. As a boutique international consultancy firm, seamless virtual conferencing, data storage, data retrieval and word processing are vital to our survival. I have been really impressed with the fast, flexible and completely reliable support that Lee provides. It has been an essential element in allowing our business to grow and prosper.

Dominic Brittain

5 Stars

Newburgh Networks working with Domvs

Newburgh Networks have been looking after DOMVS’ IT needs for quite some time, and without doubt Lee and his growing team continue to provide a skilled approach to problem solving all done with good humour. We see no reason to seek help elsewhere and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Neil Greenway

5 Stars

Newburgh Networks working with Epic Print

Lee and his team always deliver excellent customer service and they go the extra mile to solve any problems quickly, to minimise the effect on the business….highly recommended!

Simon Clacher
Production Controller

5 Stars