Cloud Services

We are experts in building cloud environments which will empower you and your team to develop and improve every aspect of your business.

Cloud Services

We are experts in building cloud environments which will empower you and your team to develop and improve every aspect of your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Walking through the early stages of a disaster is a critical process for a business.  To do this effectively, you need to know how things work and how they will be impacted or effected in various scenarios.  Can you work from home if the office needs to close?  Can you access everything you need to from anywhere you need to be?  What happens to your systems if the office burns down, or you have a flood?  How will you cope with no internet for a prolonged period?  How long will it take to restore a cloud-based backup if you lose your data or get a virus?  Building a disaster recovery plan should not involve a company like ours trying to scare you into spending large amounts of money.  What it should do is highlight the potential risks and implications of different scenarios, in a way that allows you to make considered decisions, which balance risks and costs.  We have lots of experience helping businesses build cost effective, practical disaster recovery plans.

Newburgh Networks Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft 365 Backup

Storing your data on cloud platforms such as One Drive and Sharepoint is undoubtedly more secure than on devices based on site, as it removes the risk of data being lost from hardware failure.  It doesn’t remove all threats however as there is still a risk to your business of loss or damage to your data.  Very often the largest of such risks can come from within your business, and for this reason it is always good practice to keep a second copy of everything.  Below are some examples of how your data can be compromised:

  • Accidental loss; This is where a member of staff accidentally deletes files.
  • Malicious deletion; This is where a member of staff chooses to deliberately remove files from your cloud storage.
  • Cyber attack; Whilst Microsoft cloud storage is more secure, it’s still not completely immune to malicious attacks from online criminals.

We offer an additional cloud backup service which is completely secure and takes a copy of all of your data each day and keeps it for an infinite amount of time. If the worst should happen and you discover damage or loss to your files, you can go back into your backups and recover them.

Virtual Server and Colocation

Many businesses are starting to move away from having servers onsite, for a number of reasons.  They take up a lot of space, they are expensive to buy and maintain, they can be vulnerable and inflexible and they can become outdated.  The alternative options available include renting servers in data centre (virtual / hosted servers) or renting space in a data centre to host your own servers (co-location).  We can offer either of these options, but more importantly we can share our knowledge with you so that you can arrive at a the right decision, which is best for your business, both in terms of functionality and also cost.

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Some businesses have servers on site, some have them in the cloud and some may decide that a blend of both is provides the right solution; this is called a hybrid environment. The key to setting up successful hybrid environments is to do in a way that it works seamlessly and effectively and this requires architecture and design, all of which we can do for you. When designed and deployed well, hybrid environments can prove very effective and user friendly and we specialise in getting this right for you and your team.

Office 365

Office 365 is becoming more and more common but is often under utilised due to a lack of understanding of what it can do or possibly a previous bad experience. We love Office 365 and we use it to run our business, from emailing and collaboration to file storage, backups and security. The fundamental part of a successful Office 365 deployment is that you know what you want to use it for and how [we can help with this] and that the vendor you chose knows how to install it cleanly and seamlessly into your businesses. When all of this is done well, Office 365 can literally change your life forever! We’re experts in Office 365 deployments for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows virtual desktop allows you to have a cloud based desktop that you can access from any machine at any time and from anywhere you want to be. This is a great home working solution and also provides you with more security and flexibility, having everything in the cloud. Once set up you can also save money on hardware as it requires less processing power from your computers and can also extend their life span.

Data Centre Solutions

Rather than switching everything to the cloud, you can also move your own servers into a data centre or use hosted servers which are dedicated to you. If you like the idea of having your own servers which are not in the office, we can provide data centre solutions for you and also perform migrations into new, highly secure and resilient environments. We can also help you with advice and guidance so that you can make more informed decisions on the best server environments for your business requirements.

Email Infrastructure

You can choose to manage your company emails through an onsite mail server or using a cloud solution such as Microsoft 365. Whichever your preferred means of managing company emails, we can help to setup and support these environments. We can also perform mass migrations should you wish to move from servers across to the cloud and will do this with minimal disruption and also in a way that ensures all of your old data is retained and moved smoothly to your new environment.

What people are saying

Newburgh Networks working with C. Smart Agricultural Services Ltd

We have been working with Newburgh Networks for the past 9 years. Lee and his team have always been extremely responsive and quick to react to our issues, and have shown great commitment to our business. They have also been proactive and creative when reviewing our current practices and suggesting solutions to whatever challenges we are facing. They have grown alongside us and we see them as partners of our business.

Chris Payne MPhys FCA
Finance Director

5 Stars

Newburgh Networks working with Barry Coupe

Newburgh Networks have been dealing with my IT needs for a few years now and I am totally satisfied with the quality of the service. I always receive an immediate response to resolving any IT problems and they are the “go to” company when I need any software or hardware advice. 5-star business.

Barry Coupe


5 Stars

Newburgh Networks working with Cuckooland

We have been working with Newburgh Networks for the past 9 years. Lee and his team are courteous, reliable and supportive. They are full of ideas of how to make our IT systems more efficient and they are fast to put those ideas into practise. They have grown alongside us and we regard them as an extension of our business.

Nathalie Davis

5 Stars

Newburgh Networks working with Insight Leadership

Lee Bishop at Newburgh Networks has provided us with Tech support for the last decade. As a boutique international consultancy firm, seamless virtual conferencing, data storage, data retrieval and word processing are vital to our survival. I have been really impressed with the fast, flexible and completely reliable support that Lee provides. It has been an essential element in allowing our business to grow and prosper.

Dominic Brittain

5 Stars

Newburgh Networks working with Domvs

Newburgh Networks have been looking after DOMVS’ IT needs for quite some time, and without doubt Lee and his growing team continue to provide a skilled approach to problem solving all done with good humour. We see no reason to seek help elsewhere and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Neil Greenway

5 Stars

Newburgh Networks working with Epic Print

Lee and his team always deliver excellent customer service and they go the extra mile to solve any problems quickly, to minimise the effect on the business….highly recommended!

Simon Clacher
Production Controller

5 Stars