4G and 5G Mobile Data solutions rolled out across Dorset

Written by Newburgh Networks

We are a Dorset based IT Support company with over a decade of experience in supporting home and business users across the South of England. We’re specialists in the supply and support of high quality IT and also Microsoft cloud based solutions.

March 10, 2021

Newburgh Networks has recently added mobile internet to its portfolio and successfully deployed 4g and 5G solutions to a number of properties in Dorset where high speed fibre internet has not been available. Using flexible data tariffs customers are able to pay for what they need instead of having to commit to high usage bundles or having excessive ‘additional usage’ charges levied to their accounts.

“We’re really pleased with this service as it allows to give customers another option for internet connections where they might have struggled in the past” explains Lee Bishop, Managing Director of Newburgh Networks.

“It’s also a great ‘emergency’ solution for customers who have lost normal broadband service in business-critical situations. We were recently able to restore internet service for a retail showroom in less than half a day which avoided a potentially costly outage which would have lasted more than a week, so they were really pleased with the response”.

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